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    Advanced processing equipment,precision machining accuracy

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    Laundry Customer Applications

    2016-09-21 12:20:14 Jieshen
    Specifically for the laundry plant to provide customers with safe and durable products
    Removed useless functions, reduce the cost of no practical function.
    Continue to increase the investment of safety for the parts
    Increase the investment of quality parts.
    Reduce the quantity of vulnerable Parts.

    Designed specifically for the laundry plant customers’s  working conditions.
    Simple man-machine interface
    Refined structure, reduce repair and maintenance point.
    Very low maintenance and repair costs.
    Updateable, modular products.

    After-sales service person in your area, fast and timely response,Be your logistics personnel.

    Service Hotline : 400-680-0631
    Working Time 8:30-17:30
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