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    Advanced processing equipment,precision machining accuracy

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    Jieshen Leading Products

    2016-09-21 12:16:17 Jieshen
    Drycleaning machines:low failure rate.long product life,highly environmentally friendly,multi-solvent.
    Washer/extractors:reliable and durable, capable of overload and continuous working.
    Dryer:efficient,energy saving,reliable and advanced with a variety of options for accessories.
    Feeders:capable of feeding the linen with high moisture content,of high passage and low failure rate.
    Folders:widely adaptable,long product life.capable of folding and crossfolding.
    Flatwork ironers:safe,energy-saving,high-quality.
    Service Hotline : 400-680-0631
    Working Time 8:30-17:30
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