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    Service Hotline : 400-680-0631

    Advanced processing equipment,precision machining accuracy

    Company Profile Brand culture R&D Company Honor

    Becoming the first choice of  laundry equipment in China

    With advanced and applicable technologies, stable and reliable products and professional and considerate service, providing customers with  better  cost-effective solutions.

    Brand Promise
    Strictly complying with  national and local laws and regulations
    Being honest and trustworthy, having a view of long-term development
    Continuously improving the rigorous quality control system
    Implementing lean manufacturing concept,  constanly making improvement
    Providing systemetic solutions
    Service Hotline : 400-680-0631
    Working Time 8:30-17:30
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    TEL:(0316)3212680 FAX:(0316)3212429 Sanhe JieShen Laundry Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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